Members of the WYDO Leadership Team

We are recruiting a limited number of persons to join our team in leading WYDO. This is part of our ongoing transition to a new structure. You will be joining a team of new and current members, for the next 1-2 years. All roles are fully voluntary (unpaid).


As a member of the Leadership Team you would be responsible for:

  • Playing a central role in developing the organization including short and long-term strategies
  • Taking the lead on one of the WYDO organizational goals 
  • Actively participating in general team tasks and decision-making
  • Actively participating in the team monthly meetings
  • Actively participating on the WYDO team online platform
Your background

This call is primarily for medical doctors. Experience in health initiatives, public health or non-governmental organizations would be an advantage. We are looking for highly motivated and effective persons that identify with the Mission, Vision, Values and Goals of WYDO.

Time estimate

We estimate the time spent during this role to be about 10 hours per month, generally managed at your own preference.

Applications process

Please send your CV and a brief message regarding your motivation to join, to contact[at]localhost:8082.