Upon their graduation young doctors start a working life that is very interesting, challenging and rewarding; they can finally bring into practice what they have been studying for many years. This is also a time in the lives of young doctors when they are faced with several important questions: how to find a job? How to deal with their new-found responsibilities? How to advance further in their careers? Which specialty to choose? This is paralleled with a period of considerable change in their private lives, such as balancing between family and career. It is reasonable to say that each person finds their own answers to these many issues, but one can always benefit from the insight gained from discussing with peers from around the world.

WYDO would like to provide a forum for young doctors to share thoughts, ideas, concerns and experiences.

Young doctors also have a fresh view of the healthcare system. They experience and question certain policies, processes and systems. Due to their often more dependent position in the healthcare system it is often challenging for young doctors to raise awareness on these issues and improve them.

WYDO would like to use these fresh views, critically analyze current systems and explore ways to improve the ability of young doctors to tackle such issues, both for their own well-being as well as for their community.

It is also important that young doctors find their way in a changing world, which asks different qualities from physicians. Re-emerging infectious diseases, frequent natural disasters and increasing burden of chronic diseases are all examples why physicians will have to be able to deal with the public health implications and consider individual patients in a broader context which includes social, economic and cultural aspects.

WYDO would like to encourage discussion among and action by young doctors and widen views on how they can contribute effectively to the improvement of public health in their communities.

Most importantly WYDO aims to create a positive and inspiring environment in which young doctors from different countries, cultures and health systems can learn from each other and work together towards a better tomorrow.