The World Young Doctors’ Organization is dedicated to provide young doctors around the world with opportunities to work together for the improvement of public health in developed and developing countries, to facilitate networking between young doctors for professional collaboration and recreation, and to improve the general environment of young doctors in their place of practice.


By 2022 the World Young Doctor’s Organization will be the main forum for young doctors around the world to network, collaborate and improve public health.


  • Respect the individual, regardless of culture, religion or philosophy of life.
  • Recognize teamwork and compassion as central for working towards our mission and goals.
  • Emphasize collaboration with partner organizations for mutual benefit.
  • Be independent of political and commercial influences contradicting the values of the foundation or limiting the activities of the foundation.
  • Commit to apply our mission, vision and values in all that the foundation does.


  • Be an international forum for young doctors to work on the improvement of public health.
  • Support and advocate for the improvement of young doctors’ issues, in particular working environment and career opportunities.
  • Survey and convey the opinions of young doctors on a variety of issues.
  • Establish partnerships with other organizations.
  • Collaborate with partner organizations towards the mission of the foundation.
  • Provide and support social and cultural activities for young doctors.
  • Perform any further actions, which are related to the aforementioned goals or which work towards the mission of the foundation.