The World Young Doctors’ Organization is a not for profit organization as outlined in the constitution. We aim to keep the administrative and organizational costs of WYDO to a minimum, for example by using open-source free software, producing most of our material digitally and holding most of our meetings online. All persons active in WYDO do this on a voluntary basis. This way we make sure that the vast majority of donor and sponsor contributions are used for development and actual projects.

Our policy regarding sponsorship

We aim to seek sponsorship from organizations, institutions or companies that have invested in improving society and the environment, and in particular the health and living conditions of the poor. If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact us via the contact form.

In the interest of maintaining a balanced and open discussion on possibly controversial issues related to young doctors, we do not accept sponsorship from pharmaceutical companies. Similarly, we do not accept sponsorship from companies whose products have been scientifically proven to be harmful for human health, such as tobacco.

Private donors

We would very much appreciate if you consider helping WYDO with a small donation.

To donate you can press this button:

You can also make an international bank transfer directly to the WYDO bank account at the ABN AMRO bank in the Netherlands:

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Account number:
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