World Young Doctors Day 2016


24 June is World Young Doctors Day

World Young Doctors’ Organization (WYDO) was founded on 24 June 2011. World Young Doctors Day (WYDD) is a special day on which we would like to join forces among young doctors and other healthcare stakeholders to raise awareness of specific issues. The World Young Doctors' Day was held for the first time on 24 June 2013! This year we will celebrate World Young Doctors Day for the fourth time with the theme “Reform in Healthcare”. Here are some suggestions for topics that could be addressed within the theme:

  • Do doctors understand the health system they work in?
  • Role and engagement of doctors in healthcare reform
  • Effect of market-driven reforms on patient outcomes
  • Who drives healthcare reform: Managers or Physicians?
  • Should reform be initiated on the level of grass roots or top-level hierarchy?

Reform in Health care to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) as a SDG We encourage everyone in their countries to use this as inspiration to organize events, activities, forums, conferences, etc. based on this year’s theme to commemorate this special day!

For any enquiry, thoughts or support please do not hesitate to contact us through the following email, contact[a]