Speakers' corner

The speakers' corner is the place where anyone can take the stage and share their thoughts, concerns, stories and experiences which are relevant to medicine and health-care. We invite you to contribute to the different sections, and hope you enjoy reading! Please send us your contributions to publications[a]wydo.org.


For this chapter we invite you to write a short essay of no more than 500 words on a topic that you think is important for other doctors to think about. This could for example be used as a starting point for a discussion on the WYDO forum. Pictures or illustrations may also be included along with the essay.

New developments

This is the place to share information on new developments, for example a breakthrough in treatment or vaccine or new policy in a healthcare system. This chapter is not meant for commercial purposes of companies or institutes to promote their findings. If we suspect such a situation, we reserve the right to not publish the material. Readers are also asked to kindly keep in mind that such materials do not necessarily reflect the opinion of WYDO.

History and medicine

We would like to collect short stories from around the world about historical events in medicine, historical figures, old traditions in medicine etc. The text should be no more than 500 words. Pictures or illustrations may also be included along with the text.

Art and medicine

Health and medicine has often been the subject of pieces of art, and art itself is often regarded as a factor to improve health. We welcome essays of a maximum of 500 words about the combination of art and medicine. This can range from a description of a painting which shows interesting medical phenomena to a study on music therapy. Pictures or illustrations may also be included along with the text.

Laughter is the best medicine

On a lighter note, a good laugh is always good to have. Please share your funny stories, cartoons etc.


Having an insight in the daily lives of medical doctors from around the world is often both amusing and interesting, sometimes even for own work. We invite medical doctors who are already keeping a blog to share a link to their blog on our website. If you would like to start a blog, please contact us to discuss further technicalities.