Residency Database

Logo_Residency_DatabaseA joined project of HelMSIC and WYDO

The Residency Database (RDb) is an online database which displays practical information on residency programmes, thus facilitating medical students and young doctors in finding information concerning the residency systems and application procedures in different countries of the world.


The RDb is a joined project of the Hellenic Medical Students’ International Committee (HelMSIC) and WYDO. The project was initiated by HelMSIC in 2002. In the years 2003 - 2012 the project was coordinated by HelMSIC and IFMSA Spain and had the status of transnational project within the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA). Ten years after the project initiation, HelMSIC and WYDO are now preparing to re-launch the RDb.


The Residency Database is run by and for medical students and young doctors. The information from different countries is collected using the RDb Survey, an online questionnaire. The survey contains information and references regarding the national residency system, the financial state and the application procedure for a residency position.

A network of medical students and young doctors from different countries participate in the data collection. These participants are asked to be ready to clarify the details they have provided, and to update the information and references for their country or region yearly. After evaluating the adequacy and reliability of the information and references, the information is added to the RDb.

Project coordination

The RDb is coordinated by two project coordinators, one from each partner organization.