There are several ways to join WYDO. (You can also access the form via https).


We invite you to become a Participant in the WYDO community, which means you will join young doctors from all over the world in an open space where discussions on interests, projects and events take place, as well as receive occasional notifications on WYDO news and promotions. If you want to be more involved, being a Participant also allows you to take on a position in the organization.  


Vacancies are regularly posted on the website, for roles such as Board or Committee members, National Focal Points, Officers, Website Contributors and keep an eye out!

Contribute to the website

We also encourage you to share your thoughts on issues related to young doctors and/or healthcare by writing for the website, in particular the Speakers' Corner which includes sections on Reflections, New Developments, History and Medicine, Art and Medicine, Laughter is the Best Medicine and Blogs from young doctors. Some of this content will also be included in the WYDO Newsletter. Also if you are aware of events or conferences, which you would like to be published on the website, please do share them. All contributions can be sent to contact[a]

Who can join?

WYDO is an organization mainly by and for medical doctors, but we certainly recognize the richness that comes with collaborating with persons from diverse backgrounds. We encourage persons who are not medical doctors to also be involved.